2005-2006 Legislative session Lobbying Registration forms are required to be filed electronically and in hard copy.

* $25 per form:

Form 601: Lobbying Firm Registration Statement
Form 602: Lobbying Firm Activity Authorization
Form 604: Lobbyist Certification Statement
* Form 605: Amendment to Registration, Lobbying Firm, Lobbyist Employer, Lobbying Coalition
* Form 605 is an amendment form. EasyDisclosure.com does not charge a fee for amendments.
Form 606: Notice of Termination
Form 607: Notice of Withdrawal
$55 per Lobbying Firm / per month includes:

Form 615: Lobbyist Report
Form 625: Report of Lobbying Firm
Form 690: Amendment To Lobbying Disclosure Report
PRD-1: Request For Waiver of Liability

$25 per Lobbyist Employer or Lobbying Coalition / per month includes:

Form 630: Payments Made to Lobbying Coalitions
Form 635: Report of Lobbyist Employer and Report of Lobbying Coalition
Form 635-C: Payments Received by Lobbying Coalitions
Form 640: Governmental Agencies Reporting of "Other Payments To Influence Legislative or Administrative Action"
Form 645: Report of Person Spending $5,000 or More To Influence Legislative or Administrative Action
Form 690: Amendment To Lobbying Disclosure Report*
PRD-1: Request For Waiver of Liability*
We charge $80 per form for all campaign forms. There is no additional charges for amendments to forms. These are per month charges and will bill you quarterly or annually. Below you will find each of the forms included for our charges.

$80 per form includes:

Form 460: Consolidated Campaign Disclosure Form
Form 461: Major Donor and Independent Expenditure Committee Campaign Statement
Form 465: Supplemental Independent Expenditure Report
Form 496: Late Independent Expenditure Report
Form 497: Late Contribution Report

Additional Campaign Forms Not Available with EasyDisclosure.com
Form 400: Statement of Organization (Slate Mailer Organization)
Form 401: Slate Mailer Organization Campaign Statement
Form 402: Statement of Termination (Slate Mailer Organization)
Form 405: Amendment to Campaign Disclosure Statement
Form 410: Statement of Organization Recipient Committee
Form 425: Semi-Annual Statement of No Activity
Form 450: Recipient Committee Campaign Disclosure Statement - Short Form
Form 470: Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement - Short Form and Form 470 Supplement
Form 495: Supplemental Pre-Election Campaign Statement
Form 498: Slate Mailer Late Payment Report
Form 501: Candidate Intention Statement
Form 511: Paid Spokesperson Report
Form 900: Public Employee's Retirement Board - Candidate Campaign Statement
PRD-1: Request for Waiver of Liability


If you still have questions and want to talk to a real live person, please call:

Sacramento local:916-444-1424
after hours/weekends:916-612-2040

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