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Below we've organized all of the information you will need to help you choose your electronic disclosure vendor.
Getting Started / Logon Password Application
The Secretary of State requires an application to be completed and signed by you. We've got the forms. Complete it, sign it, and fax it to us. We'll take care of the rest! Price List
We charge $40 per firm -- including all of your lobbyists -- and $15 for each or your clients -- if you choose to prepare reports for them. These are per month charges and will bill you quarterly or annually.
Earn a 10% Discount for
This one is easy! Answer a few questions online. We'll note your helpfullness and offer you a 10% discount whenever you sign-up for our service.
"Hard Copy" of Forms and Instructions From
the Secretary of State
Information provided by the Secretary of State. Complete list of all Lobbying and Campaign Forms, with instructions, and the intended purpose and use of each.
Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Filing
Information provided by the Secretary of State. We'll add information and answer questions as they arise.
History of SB 49, Chapter 866 of 1997
An historical perspective on the new law, compiled from multiple sources.
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